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Action Star Trek (–) . The Enemy Within is one of the finest episodes of Star Trek's first season, and its central idea has gone on to inspire similar. "The Enemy Within" is an episode of the American science fiction television series Star Trek. It was first broadcast on October 6, It is the fifth episode of the. The Star Trek Compendium suggests that the insignia were removed every time . "I liked 'The Enemy Within' because seeing Captain Kirk act in that fashion.

22 Jan But by coincidence or intention, "The Enemy Within" makes for an interesting response to the directly preceding "Naked Time." Whereas "Time". 1 Apr “The Enemy Within” Written by Richard Matheson Directed by Leo Penn Season 1, Episode 4. Production episode Original air date. While orbiting the planet Alfa , the U.S.S. Enterprise experiences a transporter malfunction when Technician Fisher is beamed up from the planet with some.

Star Trek: The Original Series. "The Enemy Within". stars. Air date: 10/6/ Written by Richard Matheson Directed by Leo Penn. Review by Jamahl. 17 Jun See Also: 'The Enemy Within' Episode Guide Analysis: This episode is such an enormous moment for Star Trek, having spawned academic. [Planet surface]. KIRK: That should make a good specimen. SULU: (holding pink animal with a horn) Temperature's starting to drop. KIRK: Yeah. At night it gets.


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