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Javascript change file name

How to change name of file in javascript from input=File. yes you cannot change the name of a file. its a security issue – anurupr Feb 12 '14 at You cannot "locally" change the name of the file. However, when you upload, you can change the destination filename. Forum thread about Change file's name when it's uploaded via html form in Backend Services. Join the conversation now. Hi, Is it possible to programmatically change a form's file name? I got this idea while doing a function in VBA (where this is definitely possible). I.

25 Jul exact name with timestamp in the javascript (It will be submitted with another form) However I cant get it to work, when I call isladeletras.com it still shows the .. from surrounding places, I was able to change the filename this way. 15 Feb Returns the name of the file represented by a File object. For security reasons, the path is excluded from this property. 8 May name – the filename; size – the size of the file in bytes; type – the MIME from JavaScript, so you don't have to wait for change to try to read it.

8 Mar Or you put the wrong date or otherwise need to change a lot of filenames Echo( nResult + " files renamed"); // Function Name: renameFiles. You cannot change the filename of an attachment, it will always use the filename of the file. What Gilad suggested is to save the file using a "saveAs()" call to a. 31 Jul If you want to modify the File Name of a SharePoint document during upload, you can implement the following javascript to do so.


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