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The yield-line method provides a powerful means of analysing the ultimate (collapse) limit state. Benefits of the yield-line method are that it will often identify additional reserves of strength when applied to the analysis of existing slabs, and to highly economic slabs when used in design. The yield line method of analysis for slabs is an upper bound method, and conse- quently, the failure load calculated for a slab with known flexural resistances may be higher than the true value. The following are the assumptions of the yield line analysis of reinforced concrete slabs. 1. The steel reinforcement is fully yielded along the yield lines at collapse. The slab deforms plastically at collapse and is separated into segments by the yield lines.

Yield Line Design leads to slabs that are quick and easy to design, and are quick and easy to construct. There is no need to resort to computer for analysis or. 21 May The yield-line method of analysis is a long established and extremely effective means of estimating the maximum load sustainable by a slab or. 27 Jun - 4 min - Uploaded by Ivana Kraincanic Internal work in yield line analysis Load Paths, One and Two Way Slabs | Structural.

Work Done by Yield Line Moment. Nodal Forces. Analysis of Two-way Slabs '. Rectangular Slab Simply Supported at Three Edges. 16 Aug the yield line analysis method can be used to analyze and design slabs and plates with open- ings. EFFECT OF OPENINGS ON STRENGTH. 1 Jul A yield line method is developed to analyze reinforced concrete slabs‐on‐grade to determine collapse loads. The particular cases discussed.


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